For over two decades, the team at Luminosity has conducted pioneering research and partnered with jurisdictions across the country to implement evidence-based practices that improve pretrial justice.

After years of research and implementation initiatives focused on individual cities, counties, and states, Luminosity has shifted its focus to the creation of a broad-scale, innovative data and technology solution that will have nationwide applicability. The project—named the Justice System Data Fusion Initiative—builds on Luminosity’s cutting-edge pretrial research and implementation work, while holding the potential to contribute to significant advances in policy and practice across the criminal justice system.

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Leadership Team

Gena Keebler

Managing Director

Gena Keebler

Managing Director, Luminosity, Inc.

Gena Keebler cofounded Luminosity in 2003 with the mission of advancing pretrial justice in America. She believed that by leveraging data and analytics, Luminosity could help empower communities to improve public safety, eliminate racial disparity, reduce costs, and increase fairness.

Gena applied her previously acquired business management skills and experience as an executive for a well-regarded international corporation to quickly propel Luminosity to the forefront and firmly establish it as a pioneer in its field. Over the years, Gena’s skilled identification and management of nationally recognized consultants and corporate partners has led to successful partnerships with jurisdictions across the country resulting in pioneering research and the implementation of evidence-based practices that have improved pretrial justice across the U.S.

After years of research and implementation initiatives focused on individual cities, counties, and states, Gena has identified a new and innovative way to advance pretrial justice. Under her leadership, Luminosity will create a standardized tool for data integration—saVant – Justice System Data Fusion™ — a free and open-source API that can be deployed in nearly any justice system in America. saVant will enable counties, cities, and states to achieve data integration and develop customized applications to leverage their data so that policy decisions and related practices can be data-driven and evidence-based.

Marie VanNostrand, Ph.D.

Director of Data Analytics

Marie VanNostrand, Ph.D.

Director of Data Analytics, Luminosity, Inc.

Dr. Marie VanNostrand is an experienced practitioner, skilled researcher, and nationally recognized expert in the pretrial stage of the criminal justice system. She has presented her work at more than 100 national and state conferences including a White House Convening on Criminal Justice Reform, the US Attorney General’s Symposium on Pretrial Justice, and the Congressional Briefing on Pretrial Justice.

Over the course of her career, Marie has amassed an impressive list of academic credentials. She’s earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, a second Master’s degree in Urban Studies and a Doctorate in Public Policy with a specialty in research methods and statistics. Most impressively, she accomplished all this while working full-time in the field. Before cofounding Luminosity in 2003, Marie gained invaluable field experience serving as a probation and parole officer, a pretrial services agency manager and a criminal justice analyst. Her unique combination of practical experience and educational achievements serve her well in her role as Luminosity’s Director of Data Analytics. During her more than 15 years at Luminosity Marie has partnered with communities across the country to develop and implement practical data-driven solutions to improve public safety, fairness, and cost effectiveness, while advancing pretrial justice in America.

Brian Kays

Data Architect

Brian Kays

Data Architect, Luminosity, Inc.

Brian Kays has been part of the Luminosity team for over 15 years and has worked within the justice system as a practitioner and consultant for nearly 30 years. He has extensive experience in extracting, cleansing, and merging data from siloed pretrial justice systems in counties and states across the United States and Canada. This process led to the creation of integrated datasets for use by researchers to conduct cutting-edge research. His experience led to the development of a data integration model consisting of definitions for key performance and outcome measures, business logic to operationalize those measures, and strategies for linking people and arrest events across all systems.

Most recently Brian worked with the State of New Jersey to vet and adopt Luminosity’s data integration model in evaluating the State’s Criminal Justice Reform Act. He is currently working with two large cities in the Midwest and Northeast while they adopt and operationalize the model, including application of the standardized research, performance, and outcome measures. Upon completion of these projects in the coming months, Brian will lead the creation of a standardized tool for data integration— saVant – Justice System Data Fusion™ —a free and open-source API for the pretrial justice system that can be used by cities, counties, and states across the country.