Around the Country and Back Again

Since the last time I was in Cleveland I have been to Texas a half dozen times and New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Illinois at least once each.  A lack of worthy posting events is not the reason for my not posting – there have been arrests on the plane, sold out hotel rooms with a guaranteed reservation, entering a newly assigned hotel room and finding a person in the bed, a 56 mile trip that took 6 hours to drive, and many more.  It is also not a lack of great experiences as it has been amazing to work with justice system stakeholders in all of these states to re-engineer their pretrial decision-making process to improve public safety, fairness, and cost effectiveness.

The lack of posting is really just about being tired.  I have to remind myself too often that trying to make a difference is why I am living this life of trains, planes, automobiles, hotels, and all of the insanity that goes with it.  I have to admit, I recently hit a major life milestone and it has become clear to me that although the sacrifice has been worth it, being away from my family, friends, and a healthy life has become unbearable and I need to find a new way to try to make a difference.  Stay tuned – and thanks Cleveland for the beauty you shared with me this week – and Sapporo for the delicious sushi!