Natalie Michailides

Natalie Michailides is a pretrial justice subject matter expert. She uses her knowledge of implementation science and adult learning principles to put research into practice for localities and states across the country. Natalie is playing a vital role in successfully implementing the Public Safety Assessment (PSA) and Decision Making Framework (DMF). The PSA is a pretrial risk assessment which measures the risk to public safety and of non-appearance in court for pretrial defendants and the DMF identifies release/detention recommendations designed to manage risk in the most effective manner. Successful implementation of these two evidence-based practices has increased pretrial release rates while decreasing pretrial crime, ultimately resulting in reduced jail populations, cost savings and safer communities.

Natalie’s diverse public safety background includes 15 years in the criminal justice system as a law enforcement planner, public safety system planner, chief of probation, and pretrial manager. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in urban planning. Her perspective of the field and special expertise in pretrial legal and evidence-based practices make her perfectly suited to lead Luminosity’s Implementation Team in our pursuit of pretrial justice.

Kirk Collins

Kirk Collins brings valuable technical expertise to his partnership with Luminosity. Using skills such as Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, XML, ASP.NET, Ajax and Oracle Enterprise, he helps solve a broad range of challenges for our clients. Kirk developed and implemented a software system that provided the court, prosecutor and public defender of a local criminal justice system easy access to accurate jail data which empowered them to analyze and monitor the population. As a result, the jail reduced its daily population of over 1,000 inmates by more than 300 inmates over a two-year period.

Kirk’s bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in counseling helped shape his distinctive approach to problem solving. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, he built his technology skills in a number of different fields before landing a position in the Virginia criminal justice system. There, he singlehandedly ran the pretrial and post-trial database software for the entire state. In addition to his technical expertise, Kirk understands the moral dimensions of the problems he solves. He never forgets that the numbers he works with represent real people. His dedication to accuracy stems from a sincere desire to do the right thing for the families and communities he serves.  As a result, Kirk is a critical member of Luminosity’s Data Analytics and Research Team.


Lisa Spruance

Lisa Spruance is a skilled data analyst with an exceptional knowledge of SPSS statistical software. Her detailed research and analysis proved essential to the development of the multi-year random assignment study, “Risk-Based Pretrial Release Recommendation and Supervision Guidelines: Exploring the Effect on Officer Recommendations, Judicial Decision-Making, and Pretrial Outcome.

Lisa’s vast knowledge of advanced research methods, advanced statistics and applied statistics/data analysis began with a master’s degree in criminal justice at the University of Cincinnati. She also completed her doctoral coursework and spent nearly 10 years as a research associate at the university’s Center for Criminal Justice. During this time, she gained valuable experience coordinating research projects, conducting data analysis, serving as a project director and co-authoring a number of peer reviewed journal articles. Lisa’s solid background in the administrative, technical and creative aspects of research projects make her a vital member of Luminosity’s Data Analytics and Research Team.

Steven H. Libby

Steve Libby has a knack for problem solving, particularly when it involves getting people on opposite ends of an issue to collaborate. In partnership with Luminosity, Steve has used his intermediary skills to address overcrowding in the Camden County Correctional Facility in New Jersey—reducing the population below capacity for the first time in 17 years. He also played an instrumental role working with the Louisville Criminal Justice Commission, bringing together all facets of the system in an agreement that would ultimately decrease new crime pending trial, increase pretrial release rates, and responsibly reduce the jail population.

Steve brings an extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system to every project he undertakes. In his more than 20 years in the field, he’s gained firsthand experience as a police officer and detective, served as the first manager of a newly created planning and research department, and held the position of Director for Offender Services/Chief Probation Officer. Before entering the workforce, Steve earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and political science and a master’s degree in public administration. All of which makes him a uniquely qualified and valuable member of Luminosity’s Implementation Team.