January in Texas!

I spent much of January in Texas including presentations at the Police, Jails, and Vulnerable People:  New Strategies for Confronting Today’s Challenges conference at the University of Houston Law Center and the Rethinking Criminal Justice 2016 conference at the Southern Texas College of Law.  It is becoming clear that there is a swell of support for pretrial reform in Texas and specifically Harris County.  I provided a brief presentation on Measuring and Managing Pretrial Risk at the first conference but then I had the opportunity to talk about this issue for about an hour with over 800 justice system practitioners in Harris County.  It is a rare opportunity to have this kind of dialogue with the practitioners working in the field who are most critical to implementing pretrial reform.  I found the discussion to be healthy, challenging, and genuine, and it gave me hope for advancing pretrial justice in Texas and particularly Harris County.  I’m rooting for you Texas!