Brian W. Kays, Data Architect

For more than 20 years, Brian Kays has applied his criminal justice background and IT expertise to solving some of our client’s toughest technical challenges. His knowledge of server and desktop virtualization technologies and virtual hosting environment design were instrumental in creating the largest and most comprehensive multi-jurisdictional pretrial dataset in the U.S. The dataset—created by linking and merging 1.5M cases from approximately 300 different cities, counties and federal judicial districts from around the country—enabled researchers to develop the first universal pretrial risk assessment, the Public Safety Assessment (PSA). The PSA identifies a pretrial defendant’s risk to public safety and of non-appearance in court. It is now being implemented to measure pretrial risk and inform judicial decision-making in approximately 30 jurisdictions, including three states.

Brian’s understanding of public safety administration comes from working 10 years as a pretrial officer and criminal justice analyst. He eventually pursued his passion for technology, becoming highly proficient with Microsoft SQL Server database design, development and deployment, as well as SQL scripting and web application development technologies. Brian relies on his rare combination of practical experience and high level technical skills to lead Luminosity’s Data Analytics and Research Team.  His work has been critical in helping to affect meaningful advancements in pretrial research.