Gena Keebler, President

genaIn 2003, Gena Keebler held a high-ranking position with a well-regarded international corporation. Although it was a successful career, Gena envisioned a different future. She decided to leave her corporate position, start her own company and tackle the pretrial justice system. Gena believed that by leveraging data and analytics, she could help reduce the inherent bias in the existing pretrial justice system and make it fairer for all — regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status.

Applying her extensive skills in business management, Gena cofounded Luminosity, the first company to specialize in the area of pretrial justice. Her uncanny knack for assembling formidable teams quickly propelled Luminosity to the forefront, firmly establishing it as a pioneer in its field. Over the years, Gena’s skilled management of nationally recognized consultants and corporate partners has led to the successful identification and implementation of practical solutions to some of the pretrial justice system’s most perplexing challenges.