Manhattan, Princeton, Fall Foliage and the Flu

Until this trip, the past couple of months of travel were uneventful.  I got a little spoiled with on time flights, no lost baggage, and smooth travel.  Then I made this trip.  I participated in a great Pretrial Research Roundtable at John Jay in Manhattan sponsored by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.  I then traveled to Princeton to present at a Municipal Court Judges Conference.  The ride between Manhattan and Princeton was stunning.  It reminded me of how much I miss fall foliage.  This trip was also proceeding flawlessly, until I returned home with the flu.  And I mean the flu.  I was down and out for about a week.  It was BRUTAL!  I know, I know, I should have gotten the flu shot.  And I was going to, as soon as I returned home from this round of travel.  😀 If you are reading this and it is still flu season, please, get your flu shot!