Case Studies

Union County, New Jersey

UnionCountyCaseStudy 2014

Working in partnership with Luminosity, the Union County jail crowding reduction initiative successfully met the goal of reducing jail crowding while maintaining public safety and the integrity of the judicial process.  The initiative resulted in a 22% reduction in the average daily population.  As a result, the county avoided expenditures of over $2.2 million by substantially reducing the need to house inmates outside the facility during renovations and realized savings in excess of $700,000 annually by reducing contract expenditures on healthcare and food.

Camden County, New Jersey – Responsible Jail Population Reduction Project

Camden County Responsible Jail Population Reduction

“The common response to such class action lawsuits is for both sides to litigate vigorously.  In this case, however, Camden County recognized and acknowledged the problem and cooperated with the plaintiff’s attorneys.  Together, with the support of the local justice system stakeholders and expert services of Luminosity, we addressed the fundamental problem of jail overcrowding such as to be a model for other counties facing similar issues.”

~ Howard L. Goldberg, Assistant Camden County Counsel

Summit County, Ohio – Jail Crowding Reduction Project

Summit County Jail Crowding Reduction Project

“The work done on the project by Dr. VanNostrand and the team members were recognized by local 0fficials; however, the rewards of seeing real, positive changes made to the system they’ve worked with for so long was a reward in itself.  Certainly, the local criminal justice system and the public can be proud of what it accomplished on behalf of the citizens they serve. The work of Dr. VanNostrand was outstanding.  Though she was a hired consultant her efforts were much more like that of a fellow public servant who wanted to see the system made better for everyone.”

~ Steve Finical, Summit County Assistant Sheriff (Retired)