Risk Measurement

Luminosity has led the field in developing pretrial risk assessment tools to measure the risk of pretrial failure.  The Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument was the first statewide pretrial risk assessment in the country.  It was developed by Dr. VanNostrand in the late 1990s and advanced by Luminosity in recent years.

Research Report: Race and Gender Neutral Pretrial Risk Assessment, Release Recommendations, and Supervision: VPRAI and Praxis Revised 

Luminosity led a team of national experts during the development of a universal pretrial risk assessment – Public Safety Assessment (PSA) – with support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.  The PSA is the first pretrial risk assessment to provide separate indicators of the risk of failure to appear, new criminal activity, and new violent criminal activity.

Research Summary: Public Safety Assessment – Developing a National Model for Pretrial Risk Assessment  

Our research team also conducted pretrial risk research for the federal court to identify statistically significant and policy relevant predictors of pretrial outcome to identify federal criminal defendants who were most suited for pretrial release without jeopardizing the integrity of the judicial process or the safety of the community.

Research Journal Article: Pretrial Risk Assessment in the Federal Court 

Luminosity researchers have served as expert consultants during the development of local, state, and national pretrial risk assessment tools and are currently working on several cutting edge research projects focused on developing pretrial risk assessment tools that are free of predictive bias based on race, gender, and socio-economic status.