You Know You Are In Texas When …..

you meet with a justice system stakeholder and he is wearing these gorgeous alligator boots!


My most recent visit to Houston reminded me of how wonderfully culturally diverse our country really is.  Since my last post in June I have worked in Manhattan, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, and now Texas.  Each time I go to a new place I must quickly try to learn the customs, traditions, and general views of the community.  The ones I face most often are how to greet people, clothing, food, and language (e.g., restroom, bathroom, ladies room, toilet, lavatory, washroom).  I do a lot of research before I go onsite to a new location.  I learn about the locality – history, geography, demographics, economy, government structure, political leanings, largest employers, and some fun facts.  I read the local newspaper so that I can be fluent in local current events.  But nothing really prepares me for the culture of a community – how people in a community think, behave, their customs, and how they live their lives.  I need to understand, the best that an outsider can, these things before I can successfully partner with them in their pursuit of pretrial justice.  And so, I’m learning as fast as I can.  Thanks Houston for being willing to teach me.