Brian Kays - Luminosity Data Architect

Brian Kays

Data Architect

Brian Kays has worked within the justice system as a practitioner and consultant for nearly 30 years.  He is highly skilled in the development, documentation, and implementation of data pipeline solutions including the import, analysis, cleansing, and merging of datasets from a diverse range of data sources and platforms.  In his role of Data Architect, he has applied these skills to generate several of the largest integrated datasets used for justice system related research in the federal court, two of the largest cities in the US, and a multi-jurisdictional dataset used for research on pretrial release outcomes.

Brian has a strong background in the administration of all major operating system platforms; design, implementation, and administration of network infrastructures; and design, implementation, and management of virtualization technologies including self-hosted and cloud-based implementations (e.g., Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure GovCloud).  In addition, Brian has extensive knowledge of software requirement specifications and has developed, tested, and implemented applications that are in use by criminal justice agencies in several states.

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