Kirk Collins - Luminosity Data Engineer

Kirk Collins

Data Engineer

Kirk Collins is a highly skilled programmer with expertise in both database architecture and administration. For the past 20 years, he has applied these skills exclusively to projects which promote and support the reform of the justice system. His expertise in data integration and data analysis profoundly impacts reform efforts in numerous cities and states across the country. In New Jersey, Kirk led the process of extracting and integrating data from multiple independent and heterogeneous statewide data systems for use in generating datasets for analysis. The independent source systems contained millions of party records from the state police, jail, courts, pretrial services, and probation. The resulting datasets were used to complete the Criminal Justice Reform Annual Report to the Governor and the Legislature.

As a developer, Kirk has created user-centered designs to assist in the collection, analysis, and presentation of criminal justice data. He has extensive working knowledge of numerous data platforms including experience with CJIS Security Policy compliant platforms. This experience includes design, implementation, testing, launching, and supporting complex data systems in a secure environment.

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