Define Project Objectives

It is critical to understand the context of a project from the outset. We work with our clients to ascertain the questions that must be answered, identify the decisions that need to be informed, determine the reasons the insights are needed, and define the deliverables that are expected. This stage begins with formal and informal discussions/engagement with stakeholders including justice system actors, administrators, policymakers, affected communities and individuals, and advocates.

The information provided and insights gained from these discussions are used to:

  1. develop project objectives; 
  2. document expected deliverables; 
  3. determine the metrics needed to meet the objectives and deliverables; and 
  4. identify the potential data sources necessary to successfully complete the project. 

This stage is a highly iterative process with continued collection of information, feedback, and refinement. It is a delicate process that relies on our team’s expert facilitation skills.