Transforming Siloed Data into Actionable Insights
Location: NYC Criminal Justice Agency (2022-Current)

Luminosity is currently working with the NYC Criminal Justice Agency to transform NYC's siloed data into usable, accessible, interpretable, and actionable data. The transformed data allows for the effective monitoring of system performance in real time; empowers strategic and data driven decisions; fuels research and the discovery of best practices; increases transparency and accountability; and illuminates actionable insights. 

Implementing saVant – Justice System Data Fusion℠
Location: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (2021-2022)

In recent years, Mecklenburg County (Charlotte), North Carolina, implemented a series of sweeping pretrial reforms. They also serve as a MacArthur Foundation Safety and Justice Challenge site with the stated goal of developing and implementing strategies to positively impact the main drivers of the local jail population.

Criminal Legal System Key Performance Metrics
Location: New York City, New York (2019-2021)

New York State passed sweeping Criminal Justice Reform legislation, dramatically reducing the use of cash bail and pretrial detention, modifying the rules governing the sharing of evidence, and revising practices intended to ensure a defendant's right to a speedy trial.

Criminal Justice Reform Data Analysis
Location: State of New Jersey (2017-2019)

Luminosity worked for several years on various aspects of criminal justice reform in New Jersey. Our data analysis report New Jersey Jail Population Analysis: Identifying Opportunities to Safely and Responsibly Reduce the Jail Population was credited as the catalyst for criminal justice reform in the state.