Location: NYC Criminal Justice Agency (2022-Current)

Luminosity is currently working with the NYC Criminal Justice Agency to transform NYC’s siloed data from independent justice system agencies into usable, accessible, interpretable, and actionable data. The transformed data allows for the effective monitoring of system performance in real time; empowers strategic and data driven decisions; fuels research and the discovery of best practices; increases transparency and accountability; and illuminates actionable insights. 

View our most recent public facing dashboard here and see below for more!

How Many People are Arrested and Prosecuted in NYC Each Year?

Key facts and insights
– 92,142 people were arrested and prosecuted in 2022
– Approximately 92% of people arrested and prosecuted are arrested either once or twice
– People with one or two prosecuted arrests in a year have a misdemeanor as their most serious charge 74.5 percent of the time (2022, 74.46%)
– People with five or more prosecuted arrests a year have a felony as their most serious charge 74.0 percent of the time (2022, non-violent felony 33.65%, violent felony 40.32%)

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