Kurt Paldino Sr. Data Engineer, Project Leader

Kurt Paldino

Sr. Data Engineer, Project Leader

Kurt Paldino is a skilled programmer with expertise in data integration, data analysis, and visualizations. He is well versed in the development, documentation, and implementation of data pipeline solutions including the import, analysis, cleansing, and merging of datasets from a diverse range of data sources and platforms. Kurt applies his knowledge and skills in both self-hosted and cloud-based environments to streamline processes and integrate siloed justice system data. He is currently applying these skills to create a relational database containing integrated justice system data to serve as the foundation for an analytical platform for the New York City Criminal Justice Agency. Kurt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Midway University and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems with concentrations in Data Analytics and SAP from Central Michigan University.

Prior to joining Luminosity, Kurt served as a graduate assistant in the Business Information Systems department at CMU. He is an accomplished collegiate baseball player, winning numerous awards and traveling the country to play baseball. He has enjoyed merging his passion for analytics and baseball to lead the CMU baseball data analytics team and provide data analytical services to a highly regarded baseball bat company.

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