Anndi Russell Sr. Data Scientist, Project Leader

Anndi Russell

Sr. Data Scientist, Project Leader

Anndi Russell is a trained Data Scientist with expertise in data wrangling, mining, analysis, and visualization. She is skilled at integrating data from multiple sources, performing analysis, creating meaningful visualizations, and building predictive models to gain insights. Anndi leads a team of data scientists and data engineers to research and report on pretrial justice system operations in jurisdictions across the country. She has led the creation of integrated research files and accompanying dashboards, completed research on alternatives to incarceration, and reported on racial disparities at various decision-making points throughout the system. These insights help communities understand their system at a deeper level and empower informed decision-making with real world impact. Anndi holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Luther College and a master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Denver.

Prior to joining Luminosity in 2021, Anndi held a variety of roles across the nonprofit and education sectors. She was employed as a teacher and worked in college admissions and managed recruitment efforts for numerous states. Anndi also spent a year in Madagascar working with a development-based NGO focusing on maternal and prenatal healthcare in rural parts of the country.

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