Anndi Russell - Luminosity Lead Data Scientist

Anndi Russell

Lead Data Scientist

Anndi Russell is a trained Data Scientist with expertise in data wrangling, mining, analysis, and visualization. She is skilled at integrating data from multiple sources, performing analysis, creating meaningful visualizations, and building predictive models to gain insights. While working on her master’s degree in data science, Anndi completed numerous machine learning and model creation related projects, culminating in a capstone project in which she built a model intended to predict a Supreme Court Justice’s vote using natural language processing techniques. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Luther College and a Master’s Degree in Data Science from the University of Denver.

Prior to joining Luminosity in 2021, Anndi held a variety of roles across the nonprofit and education sectors. She worked in college admissions and managed recruitment efforts for 13 states. Anndi is also an experienced teacher, applying her skills in different arenas, including as a science teacher and in outdoor education. She leverages these skills to clearly explain and successfully teach complex topics to new audiences.

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