Gena Keebler Cofounder, Managing Director

Gena Keebler

Cofounder, Managing Director

Gena Keebler cofounded Luminosity in 2003 with the mission of advancing pretrial justice in America. She believes that by leveraging data and analytics, Luminosity can empower communities to improve public safety, reduce racial disparity, and increase fairness. Gena applied her previously acquired business management skills and success as an executive for a well-regarded international corporation to quickly propel Luminosity to the forefront and firmly establish it as a leader in its field.

As the Managing Director, Gena manages the business operations and is responsible for the overall success of the company. She leads, empowers, and supports the team to ensure Luminosity remains mission driven and meets its core values of Integrity, Expertise, Collaboration, Innovation, Professionalism, and Excellence.

Gena’s skilled identification and management of nationally recognized employees and corporate partners has led to successful partnerships with jurisdictions across the country to conduct many of the largest pretrial justice related studies, implement sweeping justice system reforms, and successfully execute widescale Justice System Data Fusion projects.

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