Daniel Foletto Data Engineer

Daniel Foletto

Sr. Data Engineer

Daniel Foletto leverages his expert skills, extensive experience, and impressive training and education to play a leading role in initiatives to design and implement scalable data pipelines, standardizing and integrating disparate datasets from justice system sources. His proficiency in cloud technologies and data warehousing enables him to develop complex SQL queries and optimize data storage and retrieval processes across multiple platforms, thereby improving data accessibility for analytics. His combination of technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and a deep commitment to the organization’s mission help shape policies and practices that influence public safety and justice.

Daniel holds an MBA specializing in AI, Data Science, and Big Data, a postgraduate diploma in Corporate System Development, and a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, He is also currently enrolled at St. Francis College in the Masters in IT Services Administration and Management program. Before joining Luminosity, Daniel spent nearly 15 years in the finance sector where he managed a complex data ecosystem and oversaw the maintenance of a vast data warehouse.

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