Suvigya Tiwari Sr. Data Integration Specialist, Project Leader

Suvigya Tiwari

Sr. Data Integration Specialist, Project Leader

Suvigya Tiwari is a highly skilled Data Integration Specialist and Project Leader, with a focus on justice system analytics, adept at managing teams and driving projects that enhance data-driven decision-making. With a robust background in business intelligence engineering and deep expertise in data modeling, ETL methodologies, and data warehouse management, Suvigya brings essential skills to complex data integration projects. His proficiency in analytical reporting, using various business intelligence tools, enables him to effectively lead efforts to gather and document requirements, translate business needs into technical specifications, and oversee the design and implementation of data integration solutions. Suvigya also spearheads the architecture of data integration solutions, ensuring they align with project goals and adhere to industry best practices. His ability to investigate and resolve complex issues, combined with his excellent communication skills, makes him a vital asset to Luminosity’s mission to advance pretrial justice through data analytics.

Suvigya holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Information Technology from the R.K.D.F. Institute of Science and Technology in India. Before joining Luminosity, he excelled in engineering, business intelligence, and leadership roles that demanded a deep understanding of data governance principles, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational data policies for large international organizations.

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