Lilith Holland Associate Data Scientist

Lilith Holland

Associate Data Scientist

Lilith Holland is a trained data scientist with a range of expertise that encompasses the entire data transformation lifecycle. Her proficiency extends from data munging, processing, and transformation to uncovering valuable insights through data analytics and visualizations. Lilith combines her skills in information retrieval and data processing with her training and experience in data science. She applies her knowledge to formulate and evaluate strategies geared toward reducing pretrial crime, minimizing unnecessary detention, and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Lilith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science with a concentration in Data Science and Analytics from the University of South Florida. She is also currently enrolled at the University of West Florida in the Master’s of Data Science, Analytics, and Modeling program. Before joining Luminosity, Lilith worked at the Big Data Analytics Lab. During that time, she worked with MIT and USF professors, where she applied her mastery of cleaning heuristics to extract topics from journal articles to identify crucial themes.

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