Chris Fajardo Associate Data Engineer

Chris Fajardo

Associate Data Engineer

Chris Fajardo is a trained data engineer who is knowledgeable about the software engineering and data science fields. He relies on his training and experience in creating and implementing end-to-end ETL processes to transform and link unstructured data from disparate justice data systems that were not designed to exchange data or interact with one another. Chris applies his unique breadth of knowledge and strong software development skills to clean and organize data that is most useful to business analysts and data scientists. He strives to provide these data to serve as the foundation for developing and implementing strategies to reduce the disparity and discrimination experienced by minorities and those living in poverty who are disproportionately impacted by the criminal justice system. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Santa Maria University.

Prior to joining Luminosity, Chris lived in Venezuela where he applied his logistical and analytical skills to help manage his family’s small business. After completing his degree and graduating from the highly competitive Henry Institute for data science and engineering, Chris came to the United States to continue his pursuit of personal and professional growth.    

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