Mukila Brown Data Visualization Expert

Mukila Brown

Data Visualization Expert

Mukila Brown is a seasoned data science professional specializing in data visualization. With a sharp ability to interpret, analyze, and transform intricate data into accessible visuals, she plays a pivotal role in facilitating data-driven decision-making in the justice system. Proficient in various visualization tools and open-source programs, Mukila excels at distilling complex information into compelling visual narratives tailored for diverse audiences. Her meticulous attention to detail and aesthetic sensibilities enable her to collaborate effectively with Data Scientists, Engineers, and other experts, translating complex justice system data into engaging visuals for both technical and non-technical users. Leveraging her extensive experience and a creative perspective in data storytelling, she is dedicated to advancing pretrial justice through compelling visualizations.

Mukila holds a master’s degree in data science from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from India. Throughout her career, she has held diverse data science roles across the nonprofit, education, and healthcare sectors. Mukila’s projects have included crafting data stories to inform local communities about socio-economic disparities and developing visually appealing interactive reports that guide students towards successful academic paths and career outcomes.

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