Houston and Great Sushi? …. Yes!

I spent the week in Houston.  This is not a city that I work in frequently so it was a bit of an adventure.  I was working in the downtown area near the many courthouses and jail.  I made the risky decision to stay downtown and navigate the week by foot.  That ended up being a great way to experience the area.  I stayed at the historic Hotel ICON, a former bank built in 1911 that has the original bank vault behind the front desk (very cool).  I was able to walk to and from work everyday and there were shops, restaurants, and basic necessities nearby.   I could have hopped on the METRORail  that ran right by the hotel but I was not quite that adventurous on this trip.  I did find a FANTASTIC sushi spot “Blue Fish” where I will confess I ate twice while I was there.  Rarely do I get to write about how seamless a trip was – flights on schedule, easy to catch an Uber downtown, great hotel, terrific sushi, and a wonderful client.  Thanks, Houston.