Valentine’s Day @ Cleveland Terminal Tower

The fact that I was traveling on business in Cleveland on Valentine’s Day instead of being home is a topic for another day.  But since I was there, I was treated to the sight of the Terminal Tower in red to celebrate the occasion.  I knew very little about Cleveland before I got there, and I still have a lot to learn, but I was amazed by the Public Square and Terminal Tower.  The Public Square consists of about 4 blocks right downtown and by the water.  I’ll admit, it was COLD, so I did not explore it fully…. but the historic Terminal Tower (the second tallest building in the world when it was built) was awesome as was the Soldier’s and Sailor’s monument.  There are parks, an ice skating rink, even a casino.  What struck me most about Public Square is that it was designed in the late 1700s and a few hundred years later has been renovated to serve as the functional and fantastic space it was intended to be.

I don’t plan on spending my next Valentine’s Day in Cleveland or anywhere but home, but I definitely plan to return to Cleveland and explore the city that really surprised me.  So far on my list of things to do is to go back and explore to Public Square, visit the Terminal Tower observation deck on the 42nd floor, and walk the old streetcar station under the Detroit-Superior Bridge.  Oh, and I might do a little bit of work too!